Guidelines by HRD Minister on Online Classes

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Guidelines by HRD Minister on online sessions of school students. The guidelines which the government has made need to be followed by all schools. However, after parents getting worried about the online sessions of their children, the HRD Minister has bought up rules and regulations that need to be followed. Hence by some days of online sessions conducted, we have seen children are getting too much load. The lockdown due to COVID19 has led schools to shut down for 4 months, in this case only online teaching was an option.

While seeing the tension of the students, government has made rules. As for primary children, the online class should be not more than 30 minutes. Hence for the students from 1st to 8th standard online session should be of 45 minutes. Now for children from 9th to 12th standard the session should be for 30-45 minutes.

Online lectures guidlines by HRD minister

The lockdown and COVID19 pandemic was the reason school was closed for 4 Months. Students taking a degree program or an individual course online will still be tested at regular intervals throughout their study period to assess their understanding of the course materials.For those new to online education, this process can be intimidating. But there’s no need to worry! Online institutions are experienced professionals, they’ll ensure that your assessments are fair, comfortable, and designed to help you make the most of your learning experience.

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