Gully boy Movie Review

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Gully boy movie review :

The movie “gully boy” in Bollywood had a hard impact on the teenager’s mind. We all have things that we want to do, experience, or own but cannot because maybe the present monetary reality doesn’t allow that. Let lack of money not be the reason for you to not live your dreams.

Murad’s struggle is surely relatable to all the ambitious folks.  His family circumstances were worst, supremely dysfunctional and man, I feel for him! It is when he met and started spending time with MC Sher, he actually started growing and realized his potential. I would like to interpret Sher as his Guru. Earlier, Murad did not even realize he had it in him, he discovered it.

He was someone who wanted others to perform his songs because he thought he wasn’t worthy of it. Company matters. No matter what mess you are in right now, your situations do not define you. It is hard to think that way for now but seriously, shifting your mindset is important.

Safeena (Alia’s Character) can be confusing for many but what Zoya wanted to show through her aggression and violence or the anger is that ‘it is her way of communication’ (according to one of her interviews) because that is what she has seen all her life! Her mother was violent and hit her so she was raised to believe that you can hit others to have your way.

Her circumstances have made her super volcano-like in nature which is wrong though but she cannot help it either. Her character is an epitome when it comes to showing what happens if a person’s freedom is suppressed.

There will be bad moments in your life, no doubt. But there will good moments too. Even if we are going through a tough time in life, how many of us are ready to work on it and improve our present situation? We can’t just wait for things to happen. We have to earn it. We have to work hard for it. Sometimes you will not get what you expect. But never give up. Keep working and one day you will definitely get what you deserve. This is our full Gully boy movie review, Hope you like it. (Credits: Vinay Kundu)

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