Herd Immunity against COVID-19

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Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A recent serological study in Delhi found that 23% of the samples tested contained antibodies against Coronavirus.
The results of that study explained that about 46 lakh people in Delhi could be infected with the coronavirus and that the “herd approach” was imminent.

Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system to fight off foreign substances such as viruses that try to enter the body. It is produced only when an infection occurs and is specific to the invading virus or bacterium. Therefore, the presence of antibodies is an indication that this virus or bacterial infection has already occurred. Attempts to infect the body are then interrupted by these antibodies. Injections work the same way. These inject harmful or viral doses into the human body to stimulate the production of immune defenses. These antibodies can counteract the actual attack of those germs or viruses. Since it is not possible to test everyone, it is not yet clear how many people with the disease are infected, especially since most patients do not show any symptoms.

Detection of antibodies in random human groups is an indirect way to measure the level of disease prevalent in society. When randomized tests were performed, it showed that the prevalence of the disease was much broader than diagnostic tests. In Delhi, 14% of those tested positive for the virus are in good health. Details about the scope of the spread are very important for executives to make decisions and plan content options. Being immune does not mean that a person is immune to the disease. The number of antibodies present is also important and whether they are called “neutralizing antibodies”. These are the ones who actually fought the disease. Serological studies are not conducted to determine the level of the immune system or to determine the presence of the immune system.

It is quite possible for a person to have antibodies against Kovid-19 but cannot defend themselves. The two are not identical, so we must be careful when interpreting scientific results in this way. Herd prevention is a stage of infection of the immune system in which some members of a group become immunocompromised because many of those close to them have already been vaccinated, either by vaccination or because they have previously been infected. Therefore, not everyone in the group needs to be infected before the infection is over. When a part of the population becomes infected, when his or her immunity does not shrink, the infection subsides and eventually stops.

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