Here’s Why Zebra have Stripes!

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Here’s Why Zebra have Stripes!:

Research on the subject of zebra stripes has long surprised scientists. New research focuses on one reason zebras may have stripes – which can help confuse blood-sucking insects.

Researchers have found evidence to support this view. This is in a previous study published in 2019. Later, they customized how flies can be confused with zebra stripes. Using video analysis techniques, the researchers investigated the behavior of captive zebras and horse flies around domestic horses. In the distance, horse flies circled both jars and domestic horses at the same rate.

However, as they approached the zebra, the horse flies failed to land. Successful entry requires reduction. In horses, successful arrival is very common. But when it reaches the zebras, the horse flies fly in their belts or pull themselves up. Intake: Strokes that confuse horse flies.

The idea is that the lashes have the illusion of visible light confusing the fly’s visual system, convincing them that the thread being threaded is not at all, and the fly continues unnoticed.


One theory of camouflage is that strokes provide zebra secretions from animals by creating a kind of visible deception. Zebra stripes intersect with long grass lines around it. This may not be of use to the observer as black and white stripes appear on the colored grass. But the great predator of the zebra, the lion does not see the color: note that the attackers of the camouflage hypothesis cannot distinguish between lion zebra drawings and grass lines. Temperature control keeps this in mind and the stripes help the zebra stay cool in the heat.

The researchers found that the temperature of black stripes was much higher than that of white stripes. This temperature difference causes air to flow between the black and white stripes, which helps to speed up the sweat zebras sweat process. Mutual recognition Everyone knows that each zebra has its own unique stroke path, because everyone has unique fingers. The notion that unique digests help each zebra recognize each other.

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