High Level of CO2 in atmosphere till 2025

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High level of CO2: By 2025, atmospheric carbon (CO2) emissions will be much higher than during the warmer periods of the past 3.3 million years, according to a new study.

The team studied the chemical composition of small fossils, about the size of an anchor collected from the Caribbean deep sea to the end. Scientists used data from chemical reactions to recreate CO2 concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere during the Pliocene Age, about three million years ago when our planet was warmer than 3 ° C than it is today with low polar ice levels and high sea levels on Earth. Knowledge of CO2 in past geography is very interesting because it tells how the weather system, ice sheets, and sea level have reacted to high CO2 levels in the past Such as zooplankton shells contamination called foraminifera or small ‘forums’.

These creatures are about half a millimeter in size and are slowly accumulating in large numbers in the ocean, forming a detailed track record of the Earth’s past climate. The formation of boron in their shells depends on the acidity (pH) of the seawater in which the frames live.

There is a close relationship between atmospheric CO2 and ocean pH, meaning that previous CO2 can be calculated from careful measurement of boron in ancient shells. They found that the warmer part of the Pliocene contained 380 and 420 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere. This equates to the current number of 415 trillion per million, which is much higher than it is today at levels previously associated with temperature and sea level.

Currently, our CO2 levels are rising by 2.5 ppm per year, which means that till 2025 we will have surpassed anything we saw 3.3 million years ago and we should take steps to delay it.

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