Homemade Toners to use during Monsoon Season

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Some of the most common problems any person with oily skin faces are breakouts, pimples, acne, and blackheads due to a large amount of oil secretion. During the monsoon season, humidity levels are at a peak, which is a bigger problem for those with oily skin. The solution to managing oily skin and ensuring it remains manageable, even during the monsoon season, is using a toner.
Toner helps in keeping the sebum levels of the skin in check. And what better than natural ingredients, for the skin?

Here are the three best natural toners you can whip up at home for your skin, to keep it in check.

# Mint leaves
In a cup of hot water, boil a handful of mint leaves. Let it simmer for around 2 minutes. Once this cools, get rid of the mint leaves. Store the solution. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply generously all over your face.

# Lemon peel
Instead of applying the lemon juice directly on to your face, store the peels. Softly rub these lemon peels on your face in a circular motion. Practicing this with time helps in reducing the oil secretion.

# Camphor
In 5-6 spoons of rose water, add a pinch of camphor and mix well. This solution can be applied to your acne-prone skin twice every day to help clear it out and achieve flawless skin.

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