House collapses in seconds amid heavy Delhi rains

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal has confirmed that he will monitor the situation in Delhi at a time when the situation is deteriorating further.

A house collapsed in the Anna Nagar area near ITO in Delhi on Sunday due to heavy rains, but no one was present when the accident happened. Centralized Accident and Trauma Services (CATS) and fire engines were dispatched immediately.

Pushpa, a resident of the slum said, “The flow of water in the nullah was intense. Running water entered a pit that was dug to construct a parking facility causing severe erosion which led to the collapse of nearby houses. My house vanished as if it never existed,”.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Praveen Kumar said, “A big accident happened here. Fortunately no one was killed. The Delhi government is providing every help. Emergency relief work is going on here. A goat has been injured and was taken to hospital with the help of an NDRF team.”

Praveen Kumar said, “Houses that are prone to danger are being vacated. This accident is not small. I have talked to the government. The matter will be investigated and those who are responsible will be punished,”.

Delhi Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia told that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was personally examining the situation.

Manish Sisodia said, “All agencies including the Public Works Department, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Municipal Corporation and Flood Department are working on a flood plan. They are in the process of implementation. Some of our staff was busy with COVID-19, but we are doing the needful,”.

On the other hand, Anil Chowdhury, chairman of the Delhi Congress Committee, who was present in the area, criticized the government for not making arrangements so that monsoons could lead to house collapses.

Anil Chowdhury said, “The situation is very bad. This is an almost 50-year-old colony, Anna Nagar, where poor people live. Torrential rain for half an hour brought about this situation in Delhi. The houses of people collapsed. There is water-logging everywhere, so failure of the government is visible. Arrangements should be made before monsoon. The government has failed this time. Kejriwal saab has left Delhi’s fate in the hands of God,”

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