How Much will A Coronavirus Vaccine Cost?

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How Much will A COVID19 Vaccine Cost? Year 2020 has been harsh for everyone around the world. However the only wait was for the COVID19 Vaccine which could help in breaking the chain of this disease. According to news Coronavirus Vaccine has been invented by 3 companies. Hence looking towards the situation an affordable and strong vaccine is been invented. Leaders across the globe have urged the global community to provide vaccines at affordable rates so that a large chunk of population can be immunised.

Russia on 23rd November announced that Sputnik V, its vaccine against coronavirus disease is 95% effective in tackling the infection. The announcement from the developers of the vaccine, the Gamaleya research centre , is the latest in the recent list of vaccine developers declaring the trial results of their corresponding vaccines.

List of Vaccine’s and their price per dose.


US pharmaceutical company Pfizer along with the German company BioNTech reported an effectiveness of 95 per cent in their vaccine candidate. They have also requested the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for an emergency usage authorisation.

The United States government has already reserved 100 million doses of the vaccine under its Operation Warp Speed at US $19.5 a dose. BioNTech’s strategy head Ryan Richardson has also said that they are planning to price the vaccine well below the typical market rates.


Moderna is another American biotechnology company that recently reported that their Covid-19 experimental vaccine was found to be 94.5 per cent effective.

Stephen Bancel, chief executive officer of Moderna, has said that a single dose of their vaccine would cost anywhere between US $25 and US $37, which according to him is roughly similar to a flu shot in the United States.


Another frontrunner in the race to find a vaccine for Covid-19 is the candidate being developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca. A lot of details have emerged about its ease of storage and distribution, and pricing.

The company reported an effectiveness of 70 per cent with a single dose . And a tweak in the dosage helped the effectiveness increase to 90 per cent.

Serum Institute of India (SII) has partnered with AstraZeneca in manufacturing the vaccine and it would be sold at roughly US $3 per dose, as per Olivier Nataf, head of AstraZeneca in France.

Whole world has suffered a lot with huge amount of deaths and infected people. Coronavirus was build in China and due to being a transversal disease spreaded all over the world. Almost 5 months of lockdown was held in India. India with huge amount of population and less literacy level became problem for many. Schools were shut and are still not in chance of opening looking towards the safety of children. Vaccine news has been a great news for everyone around the world.


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