How To Apply for A Job

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How To Apply for A Job As A Fresher In Any Company

1. Get a referral
  • Aim to get a referrals from your friends, former colleagues or LinkedIn connections working for those companies. NETWORKING is the key here!
  • Companies place a lot of values on internal references
  • Go to LinkedIn. They have a search functionality where you can search for 2nd level connections. They are the ones who are just one hop from your immediate circle.
2. Career Portal
  • Many companies do not consider the referral if you have already applied online. So choose this option only if you are unable to get yourself a referral
3. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to directly connect with recruiters. Attach a small note related to your background with the connection request to increase your chances of being accepted.
  • LinkedIn’s InMail feature allows you to convey your cover letter along with the resume to the recruiter.
4. Active Participation on various PLATFORMs
  • Following are some of the ways you can directly receive a mail from the recruiter!
  • Hackerrank, Codechef, Hackerearth, and many others.
  • Prestigious competitions like Kickstart, ACM, ICPC, Codejam, Hacker Cup, Codesprint, GS Quantity, Imagine Cup, Codechef Snack down.
  • Hackathon, GSoc
  • For the girls out there, GHC database is a really good option where you can submit your resume and get shortlisted.

How To Apply for A Job is all you’ve learnt, To get a Job you’ll need an effective resume, Learn how to write an effective Resume

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