How To Delete The Last Blank Page In Word

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How To Delete The Last Blank Page In Word!

There have been times that the last page in your word document is blank and you are unable to delete that.

That’s very irritating and make our mind pain

I’ve watched different tutorials, visited various sites but nothing helped.

Even I’ve faced the same problem and found a different and a unique solution for this problem.

If you are unable to delete the last blank page follow these steps

  • Click ctrl p from your keyboard; yes that’s the command for print, don’t worry we are not going to print anything.
  • After clicking ctrl p, you’ll get this interface
Word Document

Below Custom print, you can see Pages: for eg if you have in total 6 pages & 6th is the last blank page, then type 1-5 in the pages box which will exclude the last blank page and then press Enter.

  • After pressing enter you’ll see this type of dialog box.
Dialog Box
  • Now you can name the file whatever you want and save it.
  • You’ll see that the last blank page is not saved.

Hope this article helped you to solve your query.

If you’ve more queries visit: Microsoft support

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