How To Write An Effective Resume

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Writing An Effective Resume That Will Surely Land You A Job At FaceBook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia.

1. Make It Brief
  • One page resume, gives information in less space
  • Relevant information that highlight your experience and skills
  • Include only the sections you need
2. Review Resume Samples (This can help you to learn what to keep and what not)
3. Make It Easy To Read
  • Scanning a resume is more diificult if it is hard to read
  • Make sure to reduce any extra white space but keep a healthy amount
4. Selecting A Clean & Professional Font
  • Keep your font size between 10 & 12 points.
  • You can use a basic, readable font like Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica.
5. Consistent Formatting
  • Use bold and italic.
  • Impressive bullets to call attention.
  • Use different font or typeface for your name, resume headers, and companies you have worked in.
6. Include Relevant Keywords
7. Quantify Whenever Possible
  • Numbers allows the employers to understand the potential impact you may bring to the position and will boost your credibility.
8. Include Power Words
  • Use words such as “achieved”,
  • “established”, “created”, “developed”, “accomplished”, “improved”, “completed” or “increased”.
9. Points To Bear In Mind While Describing
  • Demonstrate your soft skills in the bullet points without actually saying them.
  • Illustrate achievements and not just descriptions
  • It is good to mention skills with your level your mastery.
10. Describing Projects
  • If you’re a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include college related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Mention about he outcome of the projects you have worked on or managed.
  • Don’t bluff or lie about things you don’t know.
  • Highlight the technologies used in each project.
11. Highlight Achievements
  • You might include a separate “Achievement” section to specifically highlight accomplishments in your education, career or other experiences.
  • Feel free to include an “Interests” section on your resume, but only add those that are relevant to the job.
12. LinkedIn profile (Add link to your LinkedIn profile)
13. Check It Multiple Times
  • Check there are no types or grammar errors, Use grammarly
  • Use resume checker tools like ResumeCheck, LiveCareer, RezScore,etc.
  • Ask friends or colleagues to review.
14. Name Your File Smartly
  • Save your resume as “name_Resume” instead of “Resume.”
  • Always remember to save your resume as PDF.

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