Immunity Booster Food During Navratri Fast

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Immunity Booster food during Navratri 9 days fast is important. Even during this Coronavirus pendamic, people are following their rituals. In Hindu religion people fast during these 9 days of Navratri and seek blessings from mataji. However during these pendemic days it is really important to have good immunity to fight against the disease. Here there are food which is eaten in fast and also builds immunity. Here are food which can be included in your diet to increase your immunity.

  1. Green vegetables and food are the most food to be eaten during these days. It not only provides fiber to the body but also keeps the body hydrated and provides good immunity.

2. Every day, in the morning 5 almonds, 1 walnut, 5 raisins to be eaten either with tea or hot water after morning pooja. Every night soak these dry fruits in water and eat in the morning. It will give you power and energy to do work

3. Everymorning during breakfast these makhana’s to be added in your breakfast with one glass of milk. Makhana’s should be roasted without using salt. These makhana’s will be loved by children also they will love it as it taste like popcorn. This will help to control your hunger and is also good for immunity building.

4. During the afternoon time coconut water can be taken. Coconut water is too healthy and will take away all your weakness and will boost your immunity.

5. Sabudana Khichdi to be taken during the dinner time as it is tasty as well as healthy.

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