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Improve immunity of body: A long-term study by researchers suggests that the loss of Covid-19 Immunity may be months away. At the immunization rate for patients within three months after infection, researchers are evaluating the immune response of 90 diagnosed patients and Covid-19 patients and health workers.

They found in their study that antibodies directly contribute to the degeneration of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by a 2-23 decrease over a period of 18–65 days. They suggested that the immune system formed by the formation of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 would only last a few months and that patients diagnosed with Covid-19 would be more likely to be diagnosed and re-infected.

The analysis found a “potent dose” of antibodies produced in 60% of participants at the time of their infection, and only 16.7% maintained that strength after 65 days. Although the level of antibodies is still high in patients with severe symptoms, it is not clear why the antibody response is associated with the severity of the disease. They found that asymptomatic individuals also produce antibodies that fight the virus.

This study had significant implications when considering extensive serological testing, antibody protection against re-infection with SARS-CoV-2, and strong vaccine protection. Antibodies usually stay in the blood for a short time and activate the immune system when the body is exposed to the virus again. In addition to detecting certain antibodies when the pathogen returns, it protects the whole body from re-infection as in the case of measles. Regarding the coronavirus novel, it is not yet clear how long the antibodies will provide protection. Further studies are needed to determine how long the antibody response lasts and what level of antibodies are needed to protect against re-infection.

The human body in a changing immune system has two modes of non-invasive response. The first is the immune system, also known as immune deficiency and discussed above. However, once the virus enters the cell and is no longer detected by antibody-mediated immune infections, the immune response takes much longer to kill the virus. Cellular immunity occurs in the infected cell and it targets cells called T lymphocytes. These are T cells, which identify the infected cell. When T cells are activated, they form more T cells and kill infected cells.

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