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It has been 45 years since was declared. Under article 352, INDIRA GANDHI declared the EMERGENCY. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed issued THE EMERGENCY. INDIRA GANDHI was the prime minister of India in the year 1966 to 1977.

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The reason for establishing THE EMERGENCY for 21 months is a problem that was faced when INDIRA GANDHI won the parliament. The high court of Allahabad declared that Indira Gandhi used her powers in a wrong way in the election. Delhi high court felt it right and declared that yes she used her powers in a wrong way. As she was the prime minister at that time soo she used government machinery in a wrong way that means she won’t be a member of parliament anymore which gradually also means that she will be losing her prime minister seat too this let her go to the supreme court and appealed over there she didn’t want hate against her and also no war in the country soo she declared EMERGENCY for 21 weeks.

In 1977 Elections, People didn’t vote for her as they felt that there was no such need to declare emergency as it was only a matter of her post and not such war could happen. Not only congress but also it led INDIRA GANDHI to lose her seat in parliament. After that MORAJI DESAI, a non-congress leader became the prime minister for the year 1978. 

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