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India Nepal military relations: On July 10, a Nepali soldier serving in the Ghurkha regiment was shot dead along the Line and Control Line in the Nowshera sector of Jammu. It comes amid difficulties in Indo-Nepali relations.
The high military sacrifice is reminiscent of the strong ties between the Indian and Nepal Armed Forces. Troops from Nepal are an integral part of the Indian military known as the Ghurkha.

The military relationship between India and the Himalayan nation goes back to the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who in a ceremony in Lahore consisted of Nepalese soldiers known as Lahore or Lucky soldiers. On April 24, 1815, British India promoted the first war of the Ghurkha Regiment as a Nazirite organization. When World War I broke out, there were 10 types of Gurkhas in the British Indian Army. When India gained independence, these kingdoms were divided between British and Indian forces under the British-India-Nepal Tripartite Agreement signed in November 1947. Nepalis can join the Indian Army, both as a scholar and as an officer. A Nepali citizen can take the National Defense Academy exam or the Combined Defense Services exam and join the Indian Army as an officer.

Why is Gorkha regiment considered one of the best regiments of ...
Gurkha regiments

The Nepal Army sends its officers to train in Indian military schools and fight with colleges. Regur Regiments, with 35 battalions, recruited a large number of soldiers from Nepal. Nepali soldiers receive the same benefits during and after retirement as Indian soldiers. They found health facilities similar to the Indian military, and groups that were generally treated from the Indian Army tour in Nepal. Unlike the British who started giving pensions to Nepalese soldiers a few years ago, the Indian Army has never discriminated against Nepalese soldiers, they can also avail health care facilities in India. The Indian Army Festival also runs social projects in Nepal villages, including small water and energy projects. There was a meeting that began in 1972, at which time the Commander of the Ghurkha Army, Field Marshal Sam Maneksha, was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Nepal Army. The Chief of the Indian Army has always been the venerable King of Nepal’s soldiers and rivals.

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