Indian National Flag From 1857 till Today

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Indian National Flag From 1857 till Today:

The Indian national flag was adopted in its present form during the Constituent Assembly on July 22, 1947, just days before India was freed from Britain on August 15, 1947. It is truly amazing to see the various changes that have taken place since the inception of our national flag. It was discovered or observed in the national liberation struggle. The emergence of the Indian national flag passes through many places to where it is today. In a way, it shows the political progress of the country India.

Flag of freedom fight – 1857

Flag of ‘Bhagini (Sister) Nivedita – 1905

Unofficial flag of India in 1906

India’s first national flag was hoisted on 7 August 1906 at Parsi Bagan Square (Green Park) in Calcutta, now in Kolkata. The flag is made up of three parallel strands of red, yellow and green.

The Berlin committee flag, first raised by Bhikaiji Cama in 1907

The second flag was hoisted in Paris in 1907 by Madame Cama and her group of exiles (some according to inl9OS). It is very similar to the first flag, there is an eczema in the main thread but there are seven stars representing the Saptarishi. The flag was also displayed at a scientific conference in Berlin.

The flag used during the Home Rule movement in 1917

The third flag

The third flag was flown at the end of our political struggle in 1917. Dr. Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak raise this issue during the ruling party. The flag has five different red and green stripes arranged separately, with seven stars in the satellite arrangement. In the upper left corner (at the end of the pole) is the Union Jack. There is also a white crescent and a star in one corner.

The flag unofficially adopted in 1921

In 1921 (now Vijayawada) at the All India Congress Committee meeting held at Bejwada the young Andhra flag was hoisted and flown to Gandhiji. It is designed in two colors – red and green – representing two main categories, namely Hindus and Muslims. Gandhiji suggested the inclusion of a white ribbon to represent the rest of the Indian community and the rotating wheels to show the progress of the country.

The flag adopted in 1931.

The year 1931 is particularly significant in the history of the flag. It was also decided to take the tricolor flag as our national flag. The current flag, made of apron, white and blue, rotates in the center of the Mahatma Gandhi wheel. However, it is clearly stated that this is not in the public interest and therefore needs to be explained.

Flag of Azad Hind Sena

The official flag of India

On July 22, 1947, the Constituent Assembly adopted the National Flag of Free India. Since independence, color and importance have remained the same. Only Ashoka Chakravarti Dharma Charkha was accepted as a flag symbol instead of a spinning wheel. Thus, the tricolor flag of the Congress party eventually became the tricolor flag of independent India.

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