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#indiawantsperman – Perman is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga artist duo Fujiko Fujio about a clumsy boy, Mitsuo Suwa, who is chosen to apprentice to a powerful superhero to save the world along with other superheroes. 

As of now i.e 7th july 2020 #indiawantsperman is trending on twitter india, also the Users are Signing Petition on Change.org

Users are asking a dedicated movie based on Perman as movies are made based on the Cartoon Shinchan and Doraemon that are available to India.

petition has been created for the demand of Perman movie, on change.org “Demand for Perman Movie in Hindi( Pa-Pa-Pa the Movie: Perman).  the petition mention that in india many people loves to watch perman that telecasted on hungama, it brings the nostalgic feeling to the people who used to see perman in there childhood, now they are asking disney to make a movie based on perman.

Till now, 10,300+ users have signed the petition on change.org where the target is given of 15000.

Perman : The story follows a boy named Mitsuo Suwa who meets an alien named Superman, later renamed Birdman. The alien is part of a group that maintains peace in the galaxy and recruits Mitsuo to become a Perman. Mitsuo is given three items, a helmet which multiplies the wearer’s physical strength and serves as a mask, a cape that allows the wearer to fly and run with great speed, and a badge which enables the wearer to breathe underwater and to communicate with Permans that he later meets. The alien instructs Mitsuo that if a Perman’s identity becomes known to others, his brain will be destroyed—which is reduced to being turned into an animal in later chapters. To help keep Mitsuo’s secret identity, the alien gives Mitsuo a doppelganger robot called a copy-robot who takes Mitsuo’s place when he is Perman. Source : Wikipedia

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