Instagram gets new branded content features!

  • The new branded content tag feature will initially be available on Reels but users will soon be able to get the same functionality on Live as well.


Instagram has announced new updates for branded content on its platform, including the ‘Branded Content Tag’ feature in Reels. Instagram has launched the branded content tag to Reels, and it will soon be launched to Live as well.

“We want to ensure creators can clearly disclose when they’re creating branded content, no matter what format they choose to use. To help increase transparency, the Branded Content tag is launching in Reels today, and will begin testing in Live in the coming weeks,” Instagram said in an official blog post.

The IG app is also launching a new workflow where advertisers will be able to create Branded Content ads without the need for them to post organically on Instagram first. As a result, brands will have more flexibility with fewer constraints when they want to run Branded Content ads.

Branded Content ads in Instagram Stories can now include tappable elements, such as @mentions, location, and hashtags. “We want brands to have access to organic Stories’ creative that is native and authentic to the Stories experience,” said Instagram in its blog post.

Instagram recently launched the ability for businesses and creators to set a minimum age for their branded content feed posts on Instagram. Now creators can choose to set a default minimum age or a minimum age for specific countries, or a combination of both.

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