Internet Explorer To be Shutdown

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Internet Explorer To be Shutdown: When it comes to being the sole gateway to the glory of the Internet, its Microsoft Explorer (IE). Microsoft Explorer will die alone at this time next year. The legacy of Microsoft Edge, the company’s modern browser, is also brutal.

How popular is Internet Explorer?

The story of Internet Explorer (IE) actually illustrates the first war waged for equality against Big Tech. When IE launched in 1995, the company licensed the code used to make Netscape Navigator, the leading browser at the time. She used it to build IE and mixed it with Windows, and Netscape priced it at $ 49. This is the main reason why web browsers today are always available for free. Consequently, the U.S. The Department of Justice launched an investigation into Microsoft’s discrimination, and the judge eventually demanded that the company be dissolved, stating that providing free IE was in fact anti-competitive behavior.

What happened to Microsoft then?

While Microsoft successfully appealed the decision, it led to tougher corporate sanctions. These include the decision that Microsoft will no longer engage in special interactions with PC manufacturers and software developers. This forced the company to open the Windows source code so that other developers could use application program interfaces (APIs) to create software that would run on Windows. It actually removed much of Microsoft’s control over the PC ecosystem, which was the only “program” at the time and began to dismantle the IE system.
How did IE fail to dominate the World Wide Web?

Without a war of competition, by 2004, IE had 90% of the browser market on PCs. At that point, Firefox began creating ribs. Google launched Chrome in 2008 and took the browser wars by storm. Over the next 5 years, Google will capture the browser market‌ and in 2013 IE had less than 30% share. Today, that market share is 1%. As of July, IE and EDGE have a 9% full stake.

Why is IE important in web history?

At its height, Windows is a system for computer users, and Internet Explorer is their gateway to the Internet. In countries like India, for the first time by consumers, many have not even established an IE-Microsoft relationship. Like many others who use Google as a web name today, IE in the late 90s and late 2000s had a similar concept. The idea that ‘apps’ do not come with everything you need online can only be accessed through a browser. The rise of smartphones has changed all that.
What is assigned to Internet Explorer?

This is the culmination of a completely successful web browser experience. As of November 30, the latest version of the Microsoft Teams web application browser runs on IE11. On August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 will be disconnected from IE11, including the company’s services Llook, OneDrive and more. Microsoft means “inappropriate experience” for users and states that certain features may apply when accessing applications and services using IE11. Microsoft is asking users to move to Edge, which has a built-in IE system.

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