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IoT Enabled WiFi Refrigerator By KALASH U. MAURYA TCET

The Smart Refrigerator (also known as Internet Refrigerator) is a refrigerator programmed to recognize what kind of products are being stored in it and keep a track of the stock through barcode or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanning.

These refrigerators present a touchscreen interface and ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi (making it an IOT appliance) and thus offer
modish additional features.

The exact features offered by one of these refrigerators may fluctuate by brand and model. Although some of the conspicuous functions and features includes- Internal cameras, user-controlled cooling options, connectivity to other smart devices, mirror cast, translucent doors among various others.

Smart refrigerators would fit right in with all the current tech hype
except for the fact that is was already accounted for in the late 1990’s.


Here’s a timeline of smart refrigerators In the year 1998, the “V-sync ‘Internet Refrigerator’” became the first smart refrigerator ever
launched. The fridge packed a Pentium II microprocessor and a hard drive and thus had more computing power than PCs while also having separate compartments for fruits and vegetables.

In 1999, the “Electrolux Screenfridge” enabled its user to order groceries over the internet. The next smart fridge “Whirlpool’s Connected Refrigerator” could be used to surf the internet, receive emails, listen to the radio, talk on the phone…et cetera.

“LG’s Digital Multimedia Side –by-Side Fridge Freezer with LCD Display” does pretty much what its name suggests, its additional features are built-in MP3 player for downloading and playing music, built-in camera and microphone. Basically, the refrigerator allowed the user to accomplish all their tasks without ever really leaving their kitchen.

Over the years ideas evolved into better models launched by various companies. But the refrigerators weren’t anything more than
computers embedded into their doors. People preferred working on their laptops instead of on their refrigerators, besides the sky-high
price only made matters worse. Hence only a few buyers were interested in them and the products quickly disappeared.

A resurgence occurred in the year 2016 when the smart refrigerators were popularized again since the convenience of the user was
given a priority. The models became both smarter and more affordable, hence quickly establishing themselves as sure winners. From nuanced control of temperature to creating shopping lists and drawing our attention to the expiring products the current smart refrigerators have our back.

The top refrigerators of 2019 and their features incorporated-
“Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0” has it all from food management to family connection and entertainment. The fridge lets you create lists, look inside with three built-in cameras, make notes and memos for family members while also streaming music and videos. “GE Profile PFE28PBLTS” ranks second to Samsung but also provides Keurig K-cup brewing system and hot water scheduling to the buyers. Key highlights of the product include LED
lighting in the interior and black stainless finish at the exterior to resist fingerprints. Next in line is the “Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ” which in actuality is a great saver of energy and has easy to reach refrigerated exterior drawers.

Smart refrigerators can prove to be very advantageous when used properly. The touchscreen interface could be used for coordinating schedules with family members. Looking up recipes online and have your fridge read every step while cooking. Set expiration date to use products while its fresh.
Make personal notes using whiteboard option. Cast from smart TV and enjoy watching while cooking. Use interior cameras to double-check store of milk etc.

With all of its features the smart fridge also has a few concerns like security and support. Like everything else with access to the internet the smart refrigerator is also prone to virus and can be hacked while we use it for logging in into services we use. In such a case the security can always be maximized by configuring our modem/router. Some might find their refrigerators unable to support their smartphones in which case they should immediately contact their seller.

Refrigerators have come a long way from when Oliver Evans had drawn a design of them in 1834 Jacob Perkins had carried it forward using potentially dangerous substances like ether and ammonia to make the first ever Refrigerator and thus creating a line of the never ending set of

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