JAB WE MET: 4 Life Lessons to Remember!

The film Jab We Met starts with Geet (Kareena), a Sikh who talks nonstop. She embarks on a train journey from Mumbai to her hometown Bhatinda. On the way, she runs into Aditya Kashyap (Shahid), a young man disillusioned with life due to personal reasons. To make matters worse, even his business is going nowhere. He’s on the verge of ending his life when Geet comes into his life. She ends up missing her train while trying to get him on the train. Geet then informs Aditya that it is his responsibility to take her to Bhatinda, as she missed the train because of him. What follows next is a journey across picturesque landscapes where the two discover each other and understand the meaning of love and friendship.

Aditya learns that Geet is in love with Anshuman, but her family is against their union. Aditya promises to help unite Geet with Anshuman, even though he falls in love with her. Post-interval, we’re introduced to a very new Aditya, who becomes a big businessman.

After understanding what love actually feels like, Geet and Aditya unite and the love story gets a happy ending!

But besides that, Jab We Met is a fun film, with quite a few moments worth watching. Though Kareena is loud at times, she is a treat to watch — Funny and full of life. She gets to mouth hilarious lines like, “Bachpan se mujhe shaadi karne ka bahut shauk tha“……

Jab we Met Stills

The most important lessons learnt from this movie are:

1)You will find friends in unexpected places: We don’t really know about the tracks of life, always be nice to people and greet everyone with a smile and a warm heart!

2)Always follow your heart: Always follow your heart. Enjoy what you are doing and have fun doing it. Life is short so enjoy it will full heart till it lasts.

3)Instinct is the most powerful tool you have: When Geet said : “Aisa lag raha hai jaise kuch galat ho raha ho,jaise koi train choot rahi ho”. She felt things and her instincts prove her right. Always trust yourself and follow and trust your heart!

4) Love Yourself: The dialogue: “Main apni favourite hoon” teaches us all to love ourselves and believe that there are many ups and downs in life, but at the end of the day, everything will be good.

Thank You!

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