Japan Unveils a New Bullet Train Designed With Natural Disasters and Earthquakes in Mind!

Central Japan Railway Company, (JR Central) has launched a newly designed high speed, or ‘bullet’ train, equipped with special features to better protect passengers from natural disasters.

Japan, an island surrounded by underground fault lines in the ” Pacific Ring of Fire”, has a history of natural disasters particularly earthquakes, but also typhoons and flooding.

The new bullet train called the N700S, the super fast train is the first all-new tokaido shinkansen train in 13 years featuring a distinctive nose shape that allows for superior aerodynamic performance compared to its predecessor. apart from its renovated interior, the N700S — S stands for supreme — has a ‘rescue pack’ lithium-ion battery that can move an affected train at low speed in the event of a serious interruption of the overhead power supply, like an earthquake.

Bullet train

The new N700S model of the bullet train features cutting-edge new features that reduce air resistance and noise. it is also the world’s first high-speed train that can switch to back-up battery systems because of its rescue battery pack that allows the train to go to the closest station in case of an electrical outage. comfort was also a key point when designing the interiors, where improved reclining functionality was incorporated as well as an electrical outlet at every seat. a new lighting system reminds passengers if they left something on the overhead compartment.

JR Central’s N700 Supreme is the first new train model in 13 years to plow at great speeds down the Tokaido Shinkansen line, which connects Tokyo to Osaka.

It moves passengers along at 186 mph (300 kph) and comes with a variety of accommodating features like power outlets between the seats, diffused interior lighting, reclining seats and headrests, and better suspension and sound-proofing to provide a quieter, more stable ride.

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