Joe Biden administration and India

Democrat candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (Joe Biden) has been declared the winner of the 2020 US presidential election, defeating Donald Trump, according to news agency The Associated Press.

The Understanding

  1. Prior to becoming Vice President of the Barack Obama administration, Biden had forged strong relations with India.
  2. Biden played a key role, both as Chair of the Senate Relations Committee and later as Vice President, in strengthening formal cooperation with India.
  3. Although (at the time) Senator Obama was initially reluctant to fund the Indo-US nuclear deal, Biden led the case and worked with Democrats and Republicans, to ratify the nuclear deal at the US Congress in 2008.
  4. Biden was one of the key advocates for strengthening Indo-US cooperation, especially in strategic areas. At that time, the US officially announced its support for India’s membership in the newly formed and expanded United Nations Security Council.
  5. Obama-Biden’s management also called India a “Major Defense Partner”, which made it easier to share advanced and sensitive technology with India to strengthen security ties.
  6. This was important because it was the first time that any country had been given this position, apart from the traditional US unity program.
  7. In August 2016, both sides signed a Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) for Logistics Exchange, the first of the “basic points” of deep military cooperation.
  8. With Democrats seemingly more liberal to immigrants, Biden is expected to be more inclined to Indians to the US to study, work and live there, and aspire to a better life.
  9. He promised to support family-based migration, increase the number of visas issued to permanent, working-class migrants, change the temporary visa system for high-skilled, specialized jobs, and eliminate the limit of green work-based cards. He also promised to bring back the process of making natural green cards.
  10. Over the past 20 years, every US President has had differences over many issues, but if there is one common ground they all agree on this: a strong relationship with India.

Mr. Biden, US President 2020 a 77-year-old son of working-class Scranton, Pennsylvania, became the oldest candidate elected to the presidency. Having served for nearly four decades in the US Senate and eight years as Barack Obama’s vice-president, Mr. Biden promised to unify the nation after the tumult of the Trump years.

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Joe Biden Wins the US President Election 2020

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