Kompal Matta Kapoor: A Truly Inspiring blogger

Kompal Matta is one of the most popular Indian fashion Influencer who made a big name for herself in America. From the beginning of her life she aimed to work in the field of economics along with it she always had an interest in fashion, she joined Pearl Academy for fashion styling.

She has gained an amazing experience with various designers and participated in fashion week. Most importantly she gained experience in the area of editorial stylist and E-commerce stylist.

Who thought a girl who always been a mediocre student ended up inspiring people in the influences community.!

She then started her own fashion blog which reflects her personal style. In February 2019, Kompal Matta got married to her best friend who works as a Data Scientist in the United States of America. She moved there with him and is now working hard to make a name for India in the US.

As an Indian blogger, Kompal Matta is making it is in America, she says that one must believe in themselves and work hard to achieve it. Take a look at her styles !!

“She doesn’t watch and wish, she works and conquers”

” A woman who knows what she wants, usually gets it”

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

“No spring nor summer beauty has such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face”

“Kindness is like Snow, It beautifies everything it covers”

” She wanted a Boss, so she became one”

“Life’s short, Go girl wear your party pants”

“She wears Black, but has the most colourful mind”

“Nothing makes a lady look prettier and elegant, like a Saree does”

What do you think about her looks?
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