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“Lagg Jaa gale ki Phir yeh………….” this song was from the movie WOH JO HASINA in the year 1983, a song produced by the Great Lata Mangeshkar, this song, the first lyric of this song automatically let us sing the whole paragraph because this song is something which touches the heart of many people not only for couples but also to our closed once our family, our friends the only thought of this song made me think of the time when Chandrayan 2 was established and the rocket was launched on 20th August 2019, our Prime Miniter Narendra Modi Ji, our CEO of ISRO Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan all were on the same ground waiting for the launch of Chandrayan 2 and due to some communication problem they lost their connection from the rocket their confidence came down, they thought their hard work was of no use that time Narendra Modi Ji hugged our ISRO CEO and gave him confidence that everything will be fine everyone is with him, this made Dr. K Sivan sir believe that no matter what happens he has all support from his colleagues and our PM Modi Ji .

Sometimes just a hug from the great person gives us our broken confidence back our mind gets calm and we get to focus more, I would like to tell the people who are reading this to listen to this song and do support others at the time they feel low, at the time they need your support usually, teenagers/children need this support the most because in today’s life people very soon get into depression and try getting away from problems and think of a solution as to go for suicide which is not at all a solution I would like to request you all that no matter what happens in life the only support is what you need.    


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