Laser Communication – SWOC & 5W1H Model

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Laser Communication – SWOC & 5W1H Model:

5W1H Model

What?: The disadvantages of the current communication System including signal loss caused by atmospheric turbulence made us think for our laser technology for communication.

Where?: The laser technology for communication can be used in place of current technology which is used like radio frequency optical fibre.

When?: This project can be deployed anytime after a successful testing of range and speed.

Who?: The telecom dept, army navy Airforce, driverless vehicles will use these technology.

How?: The advantages of laser communication is that we can know from where distortion has occurred Or and it’s secure.

Why?: Due to advancement in technology where the world is growing at a high speed communication is at boom there should be a faster Smarter better way of communication and thus the requirement of laser technology has occurred

SWOC analysis


Speed: Lasers can transmit data at rates 10 to 100 times faster than radio.

speckle pattern: Our method overcomes a basic problem in free-space laser communication, caused when atmospheric turbulence disturbs the pattern that occurs in highly coherent laser beams

Broadcasting Rights: Laser communications systems have the benefit of eliminating the need for broadcast rights unlike radio frequency.

Power Efficient & Cost Effective: Less overall power is required for the given distance and data rate. The cost of Medium is also removed.


Heating: For long time usage, heat can be an issue as the laser draws the power, stability of the system on a long run can be weak.

Distance: Operational distance is also a variable if there are Intervening materials such as rain, smoke, fog, glass etc. which reduce the light intensity by a combination of absorption and refraction.

Line of Sight: The essential disadvantage of free space laser communications systems is that they require direct line-of-sight.

Danger: It can be harmful if the laser comes in direct contact with human eyes.


Lasers communications are solutions to satisfy increasing bandwidth needs, Laser communication systems can transmit speeds of up to 1 gB per second, Laser communications assure much faster data traffic at lower power consumption, smaller geometrical size and much higher immunity to eavesdropping.


  • Making the fibre structure we have proposed.
  • Making the range of Laser to atleast 500 meters.
  • Making the system safe to use and for a longer run.
  • Synchronize the system as per its use to get maximum efficiency.


1) For the people living in Remote areas do you think this project would help you in any way as the network at your place is low?

2) NASA tends to use space lasers to give us live video from mars and moon.Will it be successful?

3) What privacy options you want the project should have?

4) Is range a problem when you use bluetooth for playing music, and what is the maximum range in which you use your devices?

5) What can be the best price for such technology?

6) Any disadvantage of using laser? Please do tell us.

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