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How Important it is to understand what you want.

Let’s Talk About Heart – Usually when people want to know how strong a person is they usually define by their appearance. Physical strength can be gained by going to the gym, having a good diet, and many more ways. But what people forget to underline is the mental strength of a person.

It laughable how we all have underestimated what we want, what our heart wants. What can make us feel good, what we want from others? These are things that are usually left aside while making others happy. As a human, we do want to make people around us happy, but sometimes we pay the cost.

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The cost is not in terms of money but in terms of emotional stability. How easily things get vanished from other’s mind, which you did with so much preparation. The closer you are, the worst you feel about it. These things usually affect us in our 20’s, at this time we are not only vulnerable to the outside world but also vulnerable to small things affecting our life.

That feeling

You feel like a left alone pickle in front of a huge buffet. This feeling is not only common but also debatable. We have a tendency to have something in our life, at starting you are very excited about it, very curious to have it. But slowly it is just left aside and forgotten. People do care about what they have, but not enough to make them feel so.

We do have a tendency to take things lightly when we are too comfortable with it, be it breaking traffic rules at night or underestimating other’s needs. The memories will always flash in front of you, the good times, the time of being together. The time which you rejoice till date and which makes you weaker and weaker for the end result you have.

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The Reason

Here I would like to mention, things are not always meant to go on the right path. It’s not compulsory that every tree you plant has to give you fruit. The expectations to be on the receiving end is the only thing that makes you feel bad. Expectations do get linked with everything we do, but for our benefit, for our stability and progress, we should make sure that if someday we are at either side, not only we should do what our heart says, but also make sure we don’t have any expectations linked to that.

Decision Making

Let’s Talk About Heart – Every time feeling bad will make you choose wrong conclusions, wrong decisions, which indeed will make you feel worse. Many times for the action of one person, we hurt our close ones. The ones who have always been there, who are not only ready to make you understand and feel better, but also ready to deal with everything you face. They are ready to be a part of your receiving end, but mistakenly what we do is make that only person feel like what we felt. Make that person be in the same position at which we are, and truly this becomes very unfair.

Decision Making

The person who wanted to support you is now eager to have another support, and there is none…..

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