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We see everyone talk about the good in life the happy days in the life, and the satisfaction they get from life, today lets talk about dissatisfaction because not every time we get satisfaction, not every time life is colorful because when there is no happiness there comes sadness, there comes dissatisfaction. I feel that when we want to know about satisfaction we should also know about dissatisfaction because when our trust breaks from satisfaction unknowingly we start inviting dissatisfaction even though we don’t want to but it happens.

Now sometimes our mind has both satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction now when dissatisfaction comes we should probably think about how it came why it came and how will we get through it we will definitely get our way. We know our lifestyle now our people around us but we never think of what if this all doesn’t stay with me what will happen then. Now I feel that whenever there is no sort of comparison in our mind we automatically start living in the present and the moment we start comparing our mind gets distracted.

Now let me narrate a true story to you which my grandpa told me once to feel its really soo there were two IAS officers one was at the top post of Cabinet Secretary and other is the Ministry Secretary and the best part is both are relatives of each other now the Ministry Secretary feels that whenever the Cabinet Secretary will get retired he will become the Cabinet Secretary now he is soo confident because he is his relative soo maybe he will give him preference first.

Now when the Cabinet Minister was about to get retired, the Ministry Sectratory felt that his chance of becoming Cabinet Minister is very low soo he started feeling low and slowly he started getting sick and was admitted to hospital and he did not become Cabinet Miniter and then later came back to his old duty again.

Now the dream of becoming IAS is very large and out of 6000 IAS officers, only one gets to become Cabinet Secretary. Now from this story, we get to know that because of dreaming to become Cabinet Minister he did not live in his present his post was also good but due to dreaming about the future and getting dissatisfaction he got sick and did not do his current duty also properly. In Ending I would like to say that every person has some of this kind of story in his life they tend to become larger and larger without enjoying their present I feel that whatever is in our life will happen hard work is what pays off and living in present makes your heart feel fresh. 

This were some life management tip from our end, we hope it is helpful


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