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When traveling by bus or train, we carry many things like luggage and expensive things, but we fear that someone may steal the luggage. So to protect our luggage, we often lock our luggage in old ways with the help of lock and chain. After all this, we still live in fear that any thief would break the chain and steal all the important things. To overcome this problem, here is a program, that is, a load security alarm based on the NAND gateway.

The main purpose of this program is to issue an alarm when an unauthorized person tries to steal your luggage. This program is very helpful when traveling at night. Another program of this security alarm system, you can use in your home for security from theft. Another use of this site is that you can rent it out of your houses to avoid the attempt to rob your house with the help of this alarm system. When anyone tries to open your door, a pop break and sounds from the alarm produce.

The operation of these circuits is very simple where we will accept, the output is based on the voltage at pin 5. At which point the voltage is coupled to the circuit pin 5, the voltage is not zero as the loop is not broken. So pin 4 voltage is high that is coupled to pin 1 and pin 2. it can also be known by the NAND gate that when both inputs are in the high output state that is why in pin 3 of gate 1, we get the lowest current and the pin 12 and 13 that drives it also low which makes it 11 pins to switch to high 8 switches and pin 9 also at high voltage and low on pin 10 because of this transistor connected to it by resistor will not expand its base. This means that our luggage is secure.

The whole phrase is short until load is connected. As there is a break near the luggage, the alarm starts to make a sound.

The Luggage security alarm has made it easy for the users. The alarm will not stop until the time we interact with the loop again. Check the video below to get a perfect review.

Future Scope
By adding a GPS tracker we can track lost luggage. We can power an individual if the circuit does not break properly with a particular password.

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