Martial law in USA

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Martial law in USA

Martial law in USA – Republican convicted Roger Stone has called on Trump to tighten US military rule and seize power if he loses the November 3 election. Military law means the imposition of direct military restrictions on civilian public service or the imposition of civil law by the state, especially in response to temporary emergencies where public forces are depressed or in a residential area.

Trump, who is following Democratic Alliance presidential candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election, has once again expressed uncertainty over whether he will accept the election results. Trump said he would use the law to quell protests and riots in minutes if the protests go ahead and wipe out America if it wins again. Under the U.S. Constitution, national authorities are responsible for maintaining law and order within the state. A law called the Posse Comitus Act, which reflects this principle, prohibits the participation of political forces in the enforcement of domestic law.

The law has been amended several times and now, in some cases, contains a set of principles that give the President of the United States the power to use the National Guard or the military to resolve domestic issues. The president does not need the governor’s permission to send troops under certain circumstances. An effective legal challenge to such law enforcement is also very rare. Although the law has been enforced many times in U.S. history, its implementation has not been popular in recent decades.


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