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Mechanical Duster by Vinay & Jaicky Chaurasiya TCET.

In today’s world almost every educational center uses blackboard and duster. From the creation of writing board (1801) promotion duster (1876) many structure models of duster eraser came up into reality yet by and large it continued as before and even till date we utilize the equivalent a felt strip appended to wooden/plastic handle.

Writing on a chalkboard is simple and erasing is as yet simpler one. Due to
continuous rubbing action the felt strip get saturated and becomes unable to clean the dust.

Further use of this saturated felt striped causes dust particulates to
get adhered to the board. This dust particles spread in the atmosphere and creates a thin layer of dust around the board which is inhaled by the teachers and student especially who occupy the seats near the board, so they are at maximum risk of harmful effects due to chalk dust.

The arrangement can be a white board and a marker however the marker utilized has certain vapor which is susceptible to numerous individuals and
furthermore has terrible impacts.

The second arrangement can be a projector however it isn’t flexible because of multifaceted nature and everything can’t be clarified by a projector. The aim of this design is to come up with a solution to clean the dust in one-two stroke avoiding the harmful effects of chalk.

CaCO 3 is by and large non-poisonous in nature yet can cause numerous issues like asthma, stomach torment, queasiness, spewing in uncommon cases, clogging, looseness of the bowels and cause eye aggravation and furthermore isn’t useful for lungs as they collect in the lungs causing respiratory issues.

Chalk isn’t hurtful whenever breathed in a little sum, yet breathing in it over some undefined time frame is destructive. It has comparative compound creation as that of asbestos a prestigious malignant growth causing specialist. It has hurtful impacts on the human tissues and has numerous issues with respect to the chalk dust security.

Components Required:
▪ Motor 9V/12V
▪ Two tubes
▪ Cylindrical cases, one with rectangular slots and one with circular holes
▪ Felt Strip
▪ Cylindrical Container of a particular design with lid
▪ Switch
▪ Batteries

The plan comprises of cylinders with opening which is specifically associated with motor set. A fan is appended to the shaft of the motor which is secured by a tube-shaped case having little parallel rectangular openings on it.

Before the case a film is settled which doesn’t enable the residue
particles to get in this manner ensuring the fan and the pole of the engine from sticking.

The mouths of both the tubes are associated with a chamber which connected to the motor. Beneath the engine set a round and hollow compartment of a specific size is put having a space close to the load and a cover connected to its back for customary cleaning of residue.

On the highest point of the holder, an area is held for the batteries and furthermore a switch is put before the battery segments. At the lower some portion of the model felt piece of 150×45×10mm is connected and a hole of 15mm is left on the two sides of the strip.

At the point when the switch is on amid the scouring activity fan pivots and go about as a vacuum and begins sucking the residue particles through cylinders from the board. The residue particles get gathered before the layer in front of the motor fan and get settled down in the holder and the procedure proceeds.

At the point when the holder is filled the client can expel the residue from the compartment by basically opening the cover. The capacity of the film is to ensure the fan, shaft and motor from the residue particles. In the middle of the layer and engine little round and hollow case is available whose work is to give a pathway to the approaching air through the film and furthermore shield the motor from getting warmed.

Behind the motor again a round and hollow case is available with gaps on it which as the same property as that of the main case. The battery present over the tube-shaped holder goes about as the source for the motor.

The aim of the project is to design a product which will be convenient for the user and reduces the
problem occurring due to duster.

  1. It is convenient and eco friendly.
  2. It can be used with both replaceable as well as rechargeable battery.
  3. The dust particle can be removed from the duster
  4. Lower downs the amount dust particles spreading in the environment during rubbing action.
  5. Cutoffs the human power required for continuous cleaning of duster by banging it against the wall.
  6. Noise is produced when the motor is on.
  7. All the dust cannot be absorbed.
  8. Dust as to be removed from the container on a regular basis.
  9. Batteries have to be replaced or recharged from time to time.

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