Microsoft and Google Team up for more apps

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Microsoft and Google have team up for bringing more web applications to the play store. Applications will be build using Microsoft’s PWAbuilder and Google’s Bubblewrap. They are including new features for web shortcuts.


As web apps should be easy to use for every user so that they use it frequently. It will lead to more advanced version of apps for the users. It has been good to see Microsoft and Google working together as there will be benefit for both the companies.


Microsoft and Google Team up will give creators reasons to use Microsoft’s toolkit. Hence Google will get more developers. This is beneficial for both as well as the users. Microsoft toolkit refers to the latest version of software used to activate products such as Windows and MS Office, MS Excel, Microsoft Word.

According to a reportMicrosoft is working with Google to bring more progressive web apps to Android devices through the Play Store.

Apps created with Microsoft’s PWABuilder tool use Google’s Bubblewrap utility and library to take advantage of its new features, including a new standard for web shortcuts, “deeper” push notifications, and visual adjustments. Now Web apps should feel more at home on your phone.

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