Milestone – 500 Blogs Within 5 Months

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Dailyblogday Milestone – 500 Blogs Within 5 Months

Milestone – 500 Blogs Within 5 Months: Firstly we would like to thank each and everyone who has come by and has read any articles published by our bloggers. Also huge thanks to everyone who has been our topic of discussion. This is just one of a milestone which we aimed for August, but better later than never.

We started on the 1st of July 2020, during this pandemic we thought of utilizing our time. As an engineering student, we know how valuable time is and it will surely never be with us again. We started slowly with minor hurdles like website speed issue, irregularity, content gathering, and many more… But we as a team have grown a lot during these tough times. This was not always in our favor. On the first day of our website launch and our website got down, we solved the issue, and from then, till now and time ahead to come, we are only positive about our approach.

This is just a thank you and a record-setting post for us and our viewers, we hope you like our content. we are always open to suggestion, you can mail us or send the query on the contact us page. If you would like to known more about us, you can also suggest that, or any suggestion is welcome.

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