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So,  why we are blogging? There may be many reasons like interest in blogging, for time pass,  for making time for good things,  for making money.

Yes monetization, is the basic reason for blogging. Most of the people do bogging to earn some Extra money.

So, how to earn money? How to make money!!

Here are the some ways from that you can make money from blogging,

1. Get a blog: first, make a blog, and make it with great content. So that you can make more users which will help you to build and make more optimistic.

2. Advertising: Advertising is the basic and most popular way to earn money.  Most of the bloggers earn from advertising.

3. Donation: Ask for the user to donate some money.

4. Social media: use of social media will help in building more audience. Since,  70% of youth uses the social media. It is good option for the bloging.

5. Sponsorship: find out the sponsor that can pay you for the content.

6. Digital Products: if you don’t want to much headache then you can earn from just selling the product.

7. Membership site: Ask the user to take the membership of the site for more content or ad-free content.

1) it takes minimum 1 month to rank on google.

2) It takes minimum 3-4 month to rank on 1st -2nd page

3) It takes minimum 6 month to earn from AdSense

4) It takes minimum 1 year to get settled on blog and after 1.5 – 2 years if you are consistent you can earn minimum $1000 per month

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