More lives Saved then loosed Due to Covid-19

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More lives Saved then loosed Due to Covid-19

More lives Saved then loosed Due to Covid-19: A new study has found that Measures to shut down places around the world at the onset of the pandemic have improved air quality and prevented thousands of deaths in areas with high levels of air pollution.

A team of scientists found that tissue mass (PM2.5) in some parts of China and Europe fell by 29.7% and 17.1%, respectively, during the closure.
Scientists estimate air quality between February and May in Europe, where house orders are between February and March in China. Some particles come from airborne materials, such as industrial emissions, transportation, wildfires, and chemical reactions to air pollution. The team estimated cell density at more than 2,500 locations in Europe and China between 2016 and 2020. They combine it with computer simulations to see how locking affects air quality and its effects. Researchers estimate the rate of premature death compared to the four economic recovery rates. One of them started normal work quickly, the other was coming back slowly.

China found that 3,309 people died prematurely from COVID-19, while 24,200 people died prematurely from organic matter from February to March. Air quality developments have spread across China due to additional closure measures. The situation in Europe is very different. Although COVID-19-related deaths are higher than in China, it is estimated that 2,190 deaths will still be prevented during the closure compared to rates between 2016 and 2019. Developed to achieve effective air quality improvement. These may include funding for electric vehicles, prioritizing public transportation in the best-selling cities, and adopting stricter industrial pollution limits.

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