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These Motivational Quotes Will Help You Build Yourself

If you see me less, I’m doing more.

I prefer money over people, because I’ve never met a single penny cheating on me.

You Get Paid For Your Value, Not Your Time.

If You Want To Fly With The Eagles, You’ve To Stop Swimming With The Duck.

History Doesn’t Remember Losers.

If You Aren’t Willing to Work For It. Don’t Complain About Not Having it.

I Don’t Have Time To Make People Understand My Worth, It’s Either You Recognize It And Treat Me Right Or Be Cut Off.

If Someone Tells You “You Can’t” They’re Showing You Their Limits. Not Yours!

Sometimes You Have To Accept If Someone’s Part In Your Story Is Over.

If You Don’t Learn How To Get Paid While You Sleep You’ll Work Until You Die.

Last Time I checked Your Opinions Do Not Pay My Bills

I May Seem Like Fool Now, But When The Time Comes Everyone Will See The Joke Was On Them.

Nobody Is Busier Than The Person Not Interested In You.

Behind Every Rich Man, There Is A Bad Bitch Who Left Him In His Difficult Time.

If You Think Money Can’t Buy Happiness Then Transfer It In My Bank Account.

Rich People Don’t Sleep 8 Hours A Day. It’s One Third Of Your Life Of 24 Hours The Bible Says One Who Loves To Sleep And Folding Of Hands Poverty Will Set Upon Him Like A Thief In The Night.

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