Mr. Weirdo My Friend

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Mr. Weirdo My Friend

He has appeared again after that day, yes, Mr. Weirdo is back. He constantly terrifies me, with his weird and unbelievable following patterns. Constantly follows me to my workplace, on-street, and also suddenly appears and disappears the next moment. He has not left my wonderland as well, My House. Whenever I try to talk to him and question him, He remains silent. He is very mysterious with that hawk-like eyes and an intimidating stare.

After few days, my spying tricks went in vain. I tried finding out how he magically appears and disappears, to no avail. My mother and I had to file a complaint in the police station against him. The police investigated this only to suggest me to get medicated by a psychiatrist. I was not mad,” Why? oh god! why everyone thinks of me as mad?”

Lastly, the day arrived when I went to Mrs. Darcy with my mother, a well-known Psychiatrist. Mrs. Darcy was a beautiful lady with a strong impacting personality. Woah! My first session.

She comforted me and asked me about my daily routine. I answered her. She was noting them. She asked me when and where I spotted that weirdo. I said usually. Then she suggested me to note the time and my action during which he appears.

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#The Second Session

The second session was due. She said, “How are you champ? I am sure you must have made a note as I asked you.” I told her a few of the moments when I noticed Mr. Weirdo. I said, ” I saw him on Monday morning when I was leaving for my College. Mother was upstairs.

I noticed him near the kitchen under the lights. I called mother and he disappeared. On Wednesday, When I was reading the newspaper, he made another appearance. Also, when I was working on my project on Thursday evening, I saw him in my bedroom.”

She noted all the points as usual and asked me about my project. I told her that I was doing research on how machines can be made more efficient using Green IT. She asked me to get the details of my project in next session.

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Mr. Weirdo My Friend Started Disappearing

Few days passed but still my problem was not solved. Mr. Weirdos appearance was not affected at all. I was getting scared at this point. What if he tried to hurt me? I had no idea how to explain that he was a real person and not an imagination. And in the third session I carried laptop to show her my work. I was happy and willing to know her perspective about my project as well.

She was analyzing my project, I suppose. Then finally she said, “Good job champ, it seems you have done plenty of research to develop your idea.” I was more than overjoyed. Mrs. Darcy appreciated me, what can be more wonderful than that! Then she said, ” You have seamlessly worked day and night to gather all possible information related to it. Tell me what you feel about it?” I replied, ” Yes Dr. you are absolutely right.

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I have seen that the advancements made in machinery exist right from the revolution period. Its drawback has impacted various social and political issues, like colonization. After the globalization bloom, machines went through a positive growth namely development.

AI was able to enhance the efficiency of machines. Nowadays in India, we are having a bunch of engineers but their efforts need to be placed on the proper path. Where do the machines lack? Can their efficiency be increased? What’s the limit of it? These questions were to be answered.

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I started collecting data and did more and more research on this topic.

My research says almost about 35% of people look for a guarantee/warranty instead of star rating which accounts for less than is only 29%. People do want energy-saving outlets the most and 71% of people prefer solar appliances for efficiency. But they don’t use them on a large scale.

The reason is the current market. The demands are there but there is no suitable company satisfying it both innovatively and effectively. Refrigerator and Air conditioner are both contributing to Global warming. If we increase their efficiency in a way that guarantees a favor to Green IT. There is also a need to develop such machines through industries that are energy efficient. Starting with groundwork.

OK, let’s take a smaller step first. Fans are the second most used electronic item after bulbs. There is a range of energy-efficient fans available in the market but their share is only 9% in the markets of fans. The reason being the cost and unavailability of machinery.

So, that can be done through mass production for which we require such machines to be available in the market. Why import such machines when we can produce them, I am currently finding a way out so that such machines can be produced in India only under a small budget and how medium scale industries can collaborate and make it happen. If we are able to seize this it will be one of the major revolutions in the machining arena.

Dr said, ” It seems that you are now emotionally attached to your project. Did this weirdo started appearing during your research period?” Woah! How she knew that. She was absolutely correct. I said yes with amusement. She continued by saying, ” OK, now I will tell you to follow some practice. You need to try this till the next session and let me know the result.” I curiously asked her, ” What steps?”

Dr said calmly, ” Now whenever you see him again, don’t panic and start thinking positively. Look around him and try to find anything that seems not proper to you. Like when you see him in lights. Calmly go there and switch off the lights. Whenever you read such news, think about your project and how you will rectify this through your project. When he appears while working on your project, just think about how effectively you will use it to solve the issues you noticed and try to imagine how things will get better after that.”

I then followed her words woah, it worked! Weirdo started disappearing!

In the next session I gave my progress report to Mrs. Darcy she talked about positive results of my project and also helped me to get cured and simultaneously make my project work. Finally, the day arrived the last session. Mrs. Darci congratulated me for my price from National Energy Conservation Awards. I also told her that I have not seen Mr. Weirdo since past one month. She congratulated me and finally declared me absolutely fine and healthy.

I was so relieved to get rid of Mr. Weirdo. Fear… It brings out the ugliest parts of the psyche truly.

Hope you liked the content Mr. Weirdo My Friend.

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