MS Dhoni To Join Army

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MS Dhoni To Join Army:

Friend and business partner of MS Dhoni, Arun Pandey said on Sunday that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will now spend more time with the Territorial Army as he is retiring. He declined to comment on whether the decision would reduce the brand value of Dhoni.

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Pandey said,”I was aware that he would do it soon but did not know the exact timing. Anyway it was for him to decide. He had started IPL preparations but it was postponed and then the T20 World Cup was postponed, he thought to be mentally free, And since August 15 is a special day for the Army, he must have thought on those lines. The T20 World Cup postponement was surely a factor as he planned for it, One thing is for sure, he will be spending more time with the Army. He will also give time to his commercial ventures and other commitments. We will sit down soon and decide the way forward.” 

Pandey saw the announcement of his retirement after the T20 World Cup, which was postponed to 2022 last month, but Dhoni‌ knew it would come on Independence Day.

Dhoni holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army. After losing the semifinals at the 2019 World Cup, he trained with the Parachute Regiment for over a month. Most of the time, the athlete product price will drop after retirement, but it will not happen in Dhoni, Pandey stressed.
Pandey said that Dhoni will play in the IPL for another two or three seasons.
The mega event, to be held in Australia in October-November, kicks off in 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. India owns the hosting rights for the 2021 edition.


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