Mukesh Khanna With Arnab Goswami On SSR Death

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Mukesh Khanna With Arnab Goswami On SSR Death at Republic Bharat

Actor Mukesh Khanna who is best known for his portrayal of Shaktimaan in Doordarshan TV serial, and Bheeshm Pitamah in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat.

On 14th August 2020 Mukesh Khanna on a leading news channel Republic Bharat spoke for #CBIForSSR.

Khanna spoke, he thought it was a suicide first but when he came to know about the facts related to SSR death.

He clearly stated it was not a suicide but a murder case.

Mukesh Khanna On Greediness

Mukesh said, “Crore Attracts Crore.” the one who has 100 crores are in greed for 1000 crores, the one having 1000 crores wants 1 lakh crore.

Mukesh Khanna On Syllabus Change

Mukesh Khanna said due to the syllabus change young generation are not aware of great warriors in India.

Education system teaches about Britishers, Mughals and not about Maharana Pratap, Gupta Dynasty, etc

Mukesh Khanna On Rhea Charkraborthy

Mukesh Khanna also said that alone Rhea Chakraborthy is not capable of commiting the murder, there’s a group hiding behind her.

Arnab Goswami said that when he was a child, if he used to get good scores in school exam, he was allowed to watch Mukesh Khanna serial.

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