My Bells Palsy Experience Know The Causes and Treatment

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Hey! Today I’m gonna share with you all my Bells Palsy experience. It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. I hope my experience will help you know more about Bells Palsy.

What is Bells Palsy?

Firstly, Bells Palsy is a condition where one side muscle of the face becomes weak. The eye on the affected will not close. You can’t smile, i.e your smile will be one sided. You won’t be able to eat, drink with that side of your face. If you drink water, it will drool outside of your mouth.

Secondly, Bells Palsy is a kind of facial paralysis. It cannot be called as paralysis but it is similar to paralysis. Where you won’t be able to do any actions from the affected side of your face. The exact reason of bells palsy is still unknown. Moreover, Experts says it is due to viral infection.

It can occur to any age group, but most frequently it occurs between the age range of 16 – 60. Furthermore, there’s nothing to worry about, it is 100% curable.

Bells Palsy Tilted Face
Bells Palsy Tilted Face

My Experience with Bells Palsy in 2021

I suffered from Bells Palsy when I was 21 years old in 2021. It was the time of covid and my exams. As usual I gave my 3rd exam out of 5. After exam I had my lunch, then I took a nap, I woke up and started studying for the next exam. Afterwards I had some evening snacks. Again started preparing for the exam. Finally, I had my dinner and slept. As usual, it was a normal day.

The Bells Palsy Day

The next day I woke up. I started brushing my teeth. It seemed to be a regular normal day. But it wasn’t. As soon as I started gargling, water started drooling out of my mouth. I looked my face in the mirror, it looked little asymmetrical. At that instance, I thought it was normal, maybe due to my sleeping posture it happened.

It was the day of my 4th exam. So, I gave my exam. After exam, I was having my lunch and I was not able to chew food properly. Moreover, water drooling out of my mouth. Again, I slept and when I woke up I tried to drink water to check if everything was fine. But I wasn’t doing well. I googled about my condition and came to know that I was suffering from bells palsy. Both the symptoms available online and my symptoms matched. I informed about this to my mom immediately. She immediately rushed me to the nearest clinic and doctor confirmed it was bells palsy.

The Bells Palsy Treatment Experience

The physician gave the number of a neurosurgeon and asked us to visit him. We immediately went to the neurosurgeon and he confirmed it is bells palsy. The neurosurgeon was very supportive and motivating and told theres nothing to worry about.

He wrote some medicines and gave us the contact number of a physiotherapist. So, daily I used to go for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is they give electric currents on the affected side of the face. These electric impulse is used to stimulate the facial nerve. So, for 1 month I took physiotherapy. The therapy costs Rs. 700/session which is of 30 mins. After therapy they give facial massage and exercises. The doctor recommended to eat chewing gum three – four times a day. Blow Balloons as part of the exercise.

The medicine which doctor recommended cost Rs. 350/day. It all went for 30 days. And after that I was completely fine. There was no need to visit the doctor again. If you take physiotherapy, medicine and do facial massage and exercise thats enough. At max within 20 – 30 days you’ll be completely fit and fine.

The Bells Palsy Treatment Phase

During the 1st week of Physiotherapy you’ll feel like the illness is increased more. You’ll feel irritated all the time as you won’t be able to perform basic facial muscle actions like blow, chew, drink, blink eyes, raise your eyebrows. The entire half side of your face will be inactive.

Moreover, by the end of 2nd week you’ll be comparatively in a better situation. And by the end of 3rd week you’ll be 90% alright. And by 4th week you’ll be 100% doing great. This is from my personal experience.

Theres nothing to worry about. The physiotherapy is not painful at all. I suffered from bells palsy during lockdown period, so I didn’t had to go out and no one came to know about this. Else if there was no lockdown, doing regular chores like going college or outside the house with the illness would have caused mental trauma.

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What to eat during Bells Palsy?

Diet is one of the important thing to be followed to cure any illness. If you are suffering from Bells Palsy you should eat food which are rich in Vitam B12. Moreover, you should eat paneer & fish. And You should take a lot of rest.

This is all what I’ve followed during the entire 1 month time. I hope my experience will help you. If you have any query you can mention it in the comment section. And we’ll try to reach ASAP.

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