My Honest Experience of Making Passport in India in 2022

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Hello Folks! Today I’m going to share with you my experience of making passport in India in 2022. It took me around 4-5 months for the entire process. From Applying for passport till passport delivery.

Firstly, I applied for a fresh passport on 26th March 2022 from the official passport website. While applying for passort, you’ve to book an appointment for document verification at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). After that, on 18th April 2022 I had an appointment for passport document verification at PSK. Secondly, you’ve to take all your documents to PSK for verification. The documents includes applicants Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Id, Light bill, Bank passbook, Birth Certificate, Highest Education Leaving Certificate, Parents passport if they have any, else domicile certificate of you and either of the parent or parents education certificate. If you’ve all the documents ready you can apply for a passport hussle free without any problem.

Finally, I reached PSK for document verification, there will be multiple queues in there. Find the shortest queue and stand there and wait for your turn to come. When your turn comes give them all the photocopies of your document. They will verify all of your documents and then you’ll be alloted a desk number for your kyc and passport photo. When you reach at the desk, all your information will be shown on a computer screen, you’ve to verify all your informations or if you want to edit and update any information you can tell them to do it.

After your KYC is completed, you’ll be again assigned with a token number. There you’ve to wait for your turn to come for the final document verification. The entire process at Passport Seva Kendra will take at max 1 hour.

Police Verification Initiated for Passport

After completion of document verification at PSK. A week later I received a message from Passport Seva that my police verification is initiated for Passport. After that a month passed and there was no contact from the police. So, on 17th May 2022 I went to the nearest police station for inquiry. The police agreed to come with me for police verification and when we were about to reach my home. The police asked for bribe. He said, “I’m doing your work on urgent basis so you’ve to give chai paani.” I offered him both tea and water and Slice drink.

When Police comes to home for verification

The police had a form in his hand. He asked me to bring 2 neighbours and asked them few questions like their name and address. Then he asked me for my native place address and other details. Furthermore, he asked me to submit photocopies of all the documents and 2 recent passport size photo. Now again I dropped him to the police station.

After the police verification, there was no update of my passport status for 1 and half months. Again on 29th June 2022. After calling passport seva customer care a million times finally, they picked up the call. And they told that my passport application has been sent back to local police station. I went to the police station for inquiry. They asked me to submit latest month lightbill. I submitted latest lightbill. Moreover, there was again no update for passport for 1 month. Then one fine day I received an email from Regional Passport Office (RPO). That my passport application has some shortcomings and I failed to produce my parents citizenship documents.

Furthermore, I booked an appointment to visit Regional Passport Office. The slots are always full and if you are lucky enough you can get an early slot. I booked my appointment on 26th July 2022 and the earliest slot available was on 30th August 2022.

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My Visit to Regional Passport Office RPO Experience

I went to the Regional Passport Office RPO. And they are very strict. If you don’t have appointment please do not visit them. The officers there will not allow you to enter the main gate only. And please print your appointment letter form to show the officers.

Objection Letter from Regional Passport Office

I showed my appointment letter to the guards. They allowed me inside. Furthermore, you have to take a form from the counter there and fill the form with your name, date of birth and file no. and finally with the reason why your passport application was rejected or put on hold. I filled the form. And again you’ve to visit the counter to take stamp on that form.

Furthemore, you’ve to sit in the queue and wait for your turn to come. And when your turn comes you’ll have 1 minute to submit the documents you’ve brought. For eg my passport application was on hold because of parents citizenship document. I submitted father domicile certificate. Make sure all your required documents are handy and properly arranged.

By evening, I got an update that my passport printing is initiated. Moreover, after 6 days I received my passport On 6th September 2022. For me it took around 4-5 months in the entire passport process.

Important Points to Remember Before Applying for Passport

  • Make sure you have all the required documents with correct Name, DOB, and Address.
  • Documents include Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter id, Light Bill, Bank Passbook, Leaving Certificate, Parent citizenship document like domicile certificate or Indian Passport.
  • You can opt for SMS service at ₹50/- at PSK during document verification for all the updates about your passport application. Though this SMS service didn’t help me.
  • If by any chance your passport application is stucked or police has send adverse report directly apply for an appointement at RPO.

I hope my experience will help you, during your passport making journey.

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