My Honest Scariest Sleep Paralysis Experience!

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Hey readers! Today I’m going to share with you my honest scariest Sleep Paralysis Experience which I went through. Or my Sleep Paralysis Nightmare. This was the time of the summer i.e the month of May. I sleep alone on the bed in my room. As usual, this was an ordinary night I had my dinner and at around 12:00am IST I slept. Before starting with the story let’s get clear with the fundamentals of what is sleep paralysis.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis is when a person wakes up from sleep but is unable to move his body for a few seconds or a few minutes. This happens because a part of our brain makes sure we do not move here and there while sleeping so it temporarily stops movements of our limbs for our own safety. And then there is another part of the brain which starts functioning as soon as we wake up.

When does Sleep Paralysis Occur?

Sleep Paralysis usually occurs when we are going to wake up. This is that time when you are awake but there is a delay in the signal from the brain to the other part of the brain that you actually woke up. And sleep paralysis occurs. Read more about sleep paralysis and its types.

My Sleep Paralysis Nightmare Experience.

At around 2am I started dreaming this is the usual time when we dream there are various scientific and other mythological reasons. It was a dark night. In the dream, I was again sleeping on the same bed and in the same room, and at the corner of my bed. And suddenly I saw a shadow approaching me wearing clothes in black and it was a shadow of a woman. She came towards me and sat on my legs while I was sleeping. She was looking dark with some scars on her face. Her face was not completely visible. As it was all covered with her hair. And I was trying to kick her off me, but unfortunately, I was unable to move my limbs.

Sleep Paralysis Nightmare
Sleep Paralysis

Moreover, it was like she had chained my entire body and I was unable to move at all. However, after that, I was trying to scream. I was unable to speak. It seemed like I was muted. The more I tried to raise my voice. The words were not coming out from my vocal cords.

And still, I was trying to kick her, and now suddenly she came up and sat on my chest and she was trying to strangle me. I was screaming my lungs out. And she was strangling me. However, my voice was not coming out of my mouth and then after that, I suddenly woke up from one of the scariest dreams I have ever had.

There have been many incidents where people have suffered from Sleep Paralysis along with some demonic creatures in dreams. Sleep Paralysis is normal. There is nothing to worry about. Stay Fit also read: Fitness Routine for Busy People

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