NASA’s Crew-1 mission with SpaceX

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NASA’s Crew-1 mission with SpaceX

NASA’s Crew-1 mission with SpaceX: A four-star team travels to the International Space Station (ISS) on a spacecraft called Resilience on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. The Crew-1 is the IX’s first active space XX Dragon spacecraft on the Falcon 9 rocket and the first of three aircraft scheduled for the 2020-21 season.


It is the first of six devices designed for NASA and SpaceX to work as part of the business operating system, with the goal of facilitating access to space in terms of its cost. The plan is to reduce the cost of space travel at agencies like NASA and allow anyone to buy a ticket at a trading post. In May, ISS launched NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 spacecraft, the first comprehensive aircraft to be launched on American soil since the 2011 shuttle space expiration.

View of Earth

The Crew-1 mission represents a number of NASA and SpaceX prototypes, the first commercial aircraft to be NASA certified, and the first four countries to launch the American merchant spacecraft. The Crew Dragon spacecraft will be in orbit for 210 days, the longest spacecraft ever launched in America. The spacecraft delivers more than 500 pounds of cargo, science hardware, and tests to the ISS. Other research conducted by staff includes materials that research the physiology of food, which studies improved nutritional performance and the effects of the gut microbiome, and how such improvements can help workers adapt to space travel.

Another entrance test for the crew dragon is a student-centered study, titled “Genes in Space-7” to understand how space flight affects brain function. Other experiments include research to help scientists understand the body’s interactions between fluids, rocks, and microorganisms, as well as other studies on the role of microgravity in human life and how microgravity affects heart tissue.

Docking Confirmed

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