No More Thoughts Poem By Nandini

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No More Thoughts A Beautiful Poem Written By Nandini Yadav.
Nandini Yadav is an Engineering Student. She’s pursuing her career in Information and Technology

The scream was clear and plangent,
But no one heard it,
I thought this is what is meant,
Ignoring the society; trying to fit in!

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The mournful pain was insufferable,
but everyone said, “it’s normal”,
The twinge in the heart was unbearable,
No one understood life is mortal.

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My body ached with my heart burning,
I reached out to people to elevate the hurt,
But they were tired of listening.
wheezing my lungs out, I held the shirt.

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My nails dug deep into the palm,
When slowly I was drenched within my thoughts,
My tired mind was becoming calm,
But till that time my body rot.

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There was a time when I used to love you a lot, Now if you become love and come in front of me I don’t care.

There was a time when I used to care about you, Now if you even die for me I don’t care.

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