One-Sided love

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One sided love 
“I love dreaming because in my dream you are actually mine” Why not dream the dream we actually want to make it true. Whenever we talk about one-sided love we always feel that love should be from both sides but if we think more about it I feel that both sides love is kind of compromise we are doing it’s like if I m giving you something you should give it to me back.
Now let us consider a situation where you love someone and consider the same love to get back to you and if you don’t receive that love back it makes us feel sad bout it “is this really love?” think of it. I feel that love is just a feeling uh can feel love for anyone love can be done without even saying to that person I feel that when love can be felt why there is a need to express it.
Now if I go to that person whom I love and if he or she feels that yes this person loves me he or she will definitely never want to hurt you depending on how much true your love is that can make him or her love uh back and if they don’t love you back it should not be a topic to be worried about. We should never be worried about why didn’t get the deserved love back at least this should be a sign of maturity in ourselves.
I would like to share a story of a boy and a girl, the boy when he was small he lost his mother and gradually he started living his life without her and after some years he got admission in an engineering college now there everyday in lunchtime he uses to sit alone without his lunchbox, one day the girl who used to notice him everyday asked him why he doesn’t bring lunch to college he said that he has no one who could make her lunch as his mother is no more this made the girl very emotional and she told him she will bring him lunch everyday now everyday they use to sit together and eat lunch and slowly they fall in love with each other the reason for falling in love was the girl’s emotional behavior towards the boy as he was alone without his mom so slowly time passed both got married and after getting married nothing was like earlier they used to quarrel and life wasn’t good for them. Now what I learned from this story is that the moment you gt your love the chances of losing also start.
I feel that we should get the proper knowledge of what is love and whether it’s true or not.

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