Online consultancy turns into sexual harassment

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Online consultancy turns into sexual harassment

Online consultancy turns into sexual harassment – Websites that provide consultation with doctors 24×7 have become the sites of sexual harassment of female doctors, masturbating, or engaging in obscene jesting.

Instead of reporting such incidents to the police and ensuring that action is taken against those who sexually abuse them. Websites have tried to keep them threatened while introducing other non-useful ways to investigate such incidents, with little success. Regulations announced in May stipulate that in telemedicine consultation a patient and a registered physician need to know who they are “This is not followed by many websites”.

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In fact, many websites boast that within minutes or minutes of registration and payment you can be referred to a doctor to consult with patients. Such patients have started registering with different ID numbers and using those to harass female doctors. Male patients register as women and doctors often see this after they start going to the phone. If the patient is blocked after harassing one doctor, they go on to point out other doctors in the area. As sites have done little or nothing to identify who is calling and to prevent or file legal complaints.


With a monthly plan of a few hundred rupees depending on the app and the type of service you have chosen, many websites offer unlimited consultation or a limited amount of free consultations per day. “It’s very annoying. Especially for the first time when it happened. Most of these calls happen at night. So now we have asked the company to have male doctors especially night callers. They have also stopped allowing unlimited consultation calls for monthly registrations. That has reduced the number of calls we face.”

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Practo or Dhani doctors working for these companies have been constantly getting harassed by patients. There have even been cases of groups of men calling a female doctor and speaking inappropriately or committing obscene acts. This forces them to change their privacy settings

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