Paytm back on Google playstore

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Paytm back on Google playstore

Paytm back on Google playstore: Paytm returned to the Google Play Store a few hours after the app was removed for violating gambling policies. Earlier today, Google removed the Paytm app from the Google Play Store, but Paytm for Business, Paytm Mall, Paytm Money and a few other apps where still available on the platform.

Paytm has released an official statement commenting on the matter, saying that the app was discontinued because it violated the Google Play Store’s gambling policies. “We’re still working with Google to restore the app. We guarantee all our customers that their balances and connected accounts are 100 percent secure. Our services are fully functional on all existing applications and you can continue to enjoy Paytm as before, ”the company said.

Google blocks online casinos and other unrestricted gambling apps in its gaming store. Fancy stadiums like Dream 11 are also preserved. The tech giant claims that an app that leads users to an external site that allows users to participate in paid real-money tournaments is a clear violation of Google Play Store policies.

Paytm claims to have deducted a portion of the refund in accordance with Google’s policy. “Although it is clear that all operations at Paytm are fully legitimate, we have temporarily removed the cashback portion to meet Play Store policy requirements,” the company said.

Google said in a blog post on Friday that it would not allow sports betting apps and would remove those apps from the Google Play Store. “We do not allow online casinos or support unregulated gambling applications that bet on sports.

Google is very strict about it’s policies.

Read Google Global Policy: Privacy Policy

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