Paytm Scam, Be Alert

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Each and Everyone reading this blog. Today I would like to alert you on scam going on with the name of Paytm. There are some people who are using your innocence and doing crime. Some number is sending messages to different mobile phones. About your Paytm account will be blocked and if uh don’t wanna block do call us. I request not to attend such calls nor believe in such fake messages. Me myself got the same message please do ignore these kinds of messages and think smart.

I even have the screenshot of the message received. Do check the images below, and think of it as this is not at all safe.

Based on the true story one incident happened where a Paytm user got this message. He calls out the number and when he shared his problem they told him to open up Teamviewer. TEAMVIEWER- this is an app that generates a code. And if you give the code to someone he/she can COMPLETELY ACCESS YOUR PHONE, LAPTOP. The same thing happened with the person he gave his team viewer code. And after some time the boy on the call told him to go to Paytm and put his password and user Id. But then the man was smart enough as he knew that the other person would be able to see what he is typing and may use it for some crime. He knew this because he has certainly used Teamviewer but there are many who haven’t used it and have no idea what it could lead to.

He understood that there is something wrong so he hung up the call at the very first moment. The person called again and again but he was trying to uninstall Teamviewer but was unable to do it so he pulled out the battery of his phone and mobile got switched off. I request you all to never ever share your password with anyone nor call upon any number which sends you messages.


Thank You

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