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Perception vs Perspective | How it can become a trouble for self-development

Perception vs Perspective – The study of perception is concerned with identifying the process through which we interpret and organize sensory information to produce our conscious experience of objects and object
relationships. Perception is the process of receiving information about and
making sense of the world around us. It involves deciding which information to notice, how to categorize this information, and how to interpret it within the framework of existing knowledge.

A process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. Perception is the process by which an individual selects, organizes, and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the environment in which he lives.

The perception of two individuals may differ even if they are exposed to the same stimuli, under the same conditions. Sometimes, an individual’s perception may be far different from reality.

What are the Factors influencing Perception?

  • Perceiver: The perceiver’s personal characteristics—interests, biases, and expectations
  • Target: The target’s characteristics—distinctiveness, contrast, and
  • The situation (context) factors: place, time, location, etc—draw attention or distract from the target
Factors That Influence Perception
Factors influencing Perception

The Process of Perception | Perception vs Perspective

  • Sensation: An individual’s ability to detect stimuli in the immediate environment.
  • Selection: The process a person uses to eliminate some of the stimuli that are sensed and to retain others for further processing.
  • Organization: The process of placing selected perceptual stimuli into a framework for storage.
  • Translation: The stage of the perceptual process at which stimuli are interprete and given meaning.

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How our brain Processes
Organization perception / behavior

Our Actions: Reflection of our Perspective

  • The way we use our Time, Money and Energy
  • With whom we normally Socialize or Get along with
  • What kind of Food we Eat
  • The kind of Books we Read
  • What kind of activities we give Priorities
  • How we Communicate with people
  • How we React and Take Actions when we are facing difficulties and problems

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Comment Below what you see in the images given below | Perception vs Perspective

In this image what can you see? Two faces or a pillar like structure?

1 – Face or pillar like structure?

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In this image what can you see? Elephant with 4 legs or 5 legs or more?

2 – How many legs does it have?

In this image what can you see? A young women or an old women?

3 – Young or Old Women?

In this image what can you see? Parallel lines or Zig-Zag lines?

4 – Parallel lines or zig-zag?

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In this image what can you see? Moving or Still?

5 – Moving or still?

We don’t see things as THEY ARE, we see things as WE ARE.

Please comment below what you can see in the above images. We hope you understood the difference between Perception & Perspective. Know More

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