Perpetual Motion

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Perpetual Motion explained by Akshat Shukla TCET

This word is derived from Latin words Perpetuum Mobile.

Perpetuum means everlasting or something that goes on forever and Mobile means motion. So, we know that it’s a machine that goes on and on, forever. Theoretically, Perpetual motion machine holds the secret to endless and infinite energy. It would work to produce the energy it needs to work. A good machine may even produce an output apart from energy it needs for itself, a positive output. But that’s in theory, where’s reality? What we know
as of now is that there’s no reality in it. Based on theory and physics, many structures have been made but none of them would work and function by the definition condition of perpetual motion machine.

There are 2 known reasons as to why wouldn’t it work effectively. One of the two reasons is the existence of friction. The opposition provided by any material when an object is in motion, in turn consumes it energy. It violates the definition of perpetual motion machine. If friction exists then the final energy will always be lesser than the first input. The second reason is rather an interesting one. It lies with The First Law of Thermodynamics. Yes, it violates the law.

With no input, there cannot be output. Energy just cannot be generated spontaneously on it’s own. The quantity of energy can never be changed unless any interaction takes place. That itself is conservation in a nutshell. This simply means that you need to isolate the system absolutely. It shouldn’t get affected by any external source whatsoever, be it radio waves, light waves, gravity, wind and even temperature change. It should just stay still.

If friction is low enough, the machine could work with almost no loss. In that case we may have a few principles on which our machine could work in reality. First one becomes Temperature difference. It is only natural to consider that the top and the bottom of the machine will have slightly different temperatures ( if we consider the wheel model). The conduction of heat may take place and due to that some motion is possible. If so, solar power may be a solution to it as well. Even a battery in that case. Yes, it will be the supplier, it will spend the energy but the energy will be regenerated and the process will go on. The machine is real life, and we (the humans) are trying to figure out how it works. We come up with different ideas and
then find some way to test if our ideas are legit. Suppose I think the sucker is solar powered. If that is indeed the case, I could cover the machine with a cloth and it should stop working. Of course we’d never really know if we were right about how it worked, but you’d know if you are wrong—if the “test” didn’t do anything. So, it’s not just a puzzle—it’s an artistic expression of the nature of science.

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